ROE 33 Excellence in Education Recognition for A-Town's Stacy Nagel

On May 9, 2019 seven Abingdon-Avon CUSD #276 staff members were recognized at the 2nd Annual Excellence in Education Banquet:

Mindy Riney, Jamelia Tinkham, Stephanie McKinley-Miller, and our District Guidance and Social Work Team (Cordan Beebe, Denise Phillips, Margie Winski, and Stacy Nagel)

Over the next week, each one of these amazing staff members will be highlighted.

Today, it is my honor to highlight Mrs. Stacy Nagel.

According to AAHS Principal, Mr. Brad Weedman:

Mrs. Nagel embodies the belief that students come first in. She treats each student with great dignity and respect. She has been instrumental in creating a positive environment that is very student-oriented and focuses on building positive self-esteem through high standards. Stacy is dedicated and compassionate. Her ability to listen responsively to our students and staff has contributed to the respect she has earned by those who work with her within our school. Simply put, Stacy respects students for who they are and will go to great lengths to ensure their success.

Thank you for all of your efforts at AAHS!

Dr. Curry