New Abingdon Bus Routes

New Abingdon Bus Routes Beginning on Tuesday, August 27th

These new routes will begin Tuesday afternoon and will be the new AM and PM Routes

Due to an unexpected retirement and continued Statewide shortage of drivers, bus routes will be changed as described below: 

Pick up and drop off times should remain approximately the same, however some may change due to longer routes. These times will be more consistent as drivers get the timing down on their new routes.. 

Route #2 - Rudy 

North of Martin St. between 41 and the RR tracks, 

North of Monmouth St. between Fearing Ave. and the RR tracks, 

Ellison St. 

Country stops north of Abingdon (North East and North West)

Route #3 -  Vicki

South of First St. and West of RR tracks. (Harshbarger, Austin, Snapp, and S East St.)

Country stops SE of Abingdon between Knox Rd 650 N and Rt 116.

Route #5 - Ron

South of Martin St. from the RR tracks West

Country stops SW of Abingdon between the Berwick Blacktop and Rt 116

Route #6 - Stewart

Route will remain the same

North of Martin St./Berwick Blacktop from Rt 41 West and NW of Abingdon 

Also, Middle School students who want to walk from Hedding will be allowed to ride the bus from the High School to Hedding after school. This is for WALKERS ONLY.

There will be NO areas for vehicle drop-off or pick-up for Middle School students at Hedding as the area is already overly congested with elementary traffic. Middle School students are to depart campus immediately after getting off of the bus so elementary students can load in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

If you or someone you know wishes to drive a D276 school, apply at