2019-2020 Enrollment Figures

Now that school is officially underway, I thought it would be informative to share our current enrollment figures. Like most rural districts, our enrollment will go up and down throughout the year. As of August 27, 2019 our enrollment numbers were: 

District Total 985

Seniors: 68, Juniors: 61, Sophomores: 77, Freshmen: 62,

8th Graders: 76, 7th Graders: 80, 6th Graders: 68, 

5th Graders: 70, 4th Graders: 66, 3rd Graders: 77, 

2nd Graders: 67, 1st Graders: 70, Kindergarten: 78.

Pre-K and Expansion Pre-K: 65

Our previous 4 year totals include:

2018-2019: 970

2017-2018: 984

2016-2017: 998

2015-2016: 983

These numbers are just a snapshot in time, but they are consistent with the range over the past 4 years in the first weeks of school. The mean for the previous 4 years is 983. 

If you have any questions regarding enrollment numbers, feel free call my office for a deeper look at the trends. 

Have a great week,

Dr. Curry