Bus Route Change for Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Due to a driver shortage today the following bus route changes are necessary.

HGS Bus 6 (Stewart Powell) in-town riders will be picked up at 3:15 and will be dropped off 15 minutes earlier than usual at their in-town locations.

HGS Bus 6 (Stewart Powell) country riders will be placed on Bus 5 (Ron Lydic). Drop-off my be slightly delayed.

HGS Bus 2 (Rudi Honeyman) riders will be held at HGS until 3:35 and will ride Bus 6 (Stewart Powell).

AES Bus 10 (Terry Johns) will be delayed 5-10 minutes as Bus 10 will replace Bus 2 in the Shuttle at AAMS. 

Any HS or MS student who rides bus 6 home will be placed on Bus 5.
Any HS or MS student who rides bus 2 home will be placed on bus 6.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dr. Curry