Welcome to AAHS: Mr. Tye

This year we asked each new staff member to share a little of their personal history with us. We asked them where they grew-up, went to high school and college, why they became teachers, and a few questions to provide a little insight on them outside of just teaching.

Mr. Tye will be teaching numerous High School Science courses this year. 

Mr. Tye was born and raised in Oneida, IL. He graduated from R.O.V.A.(yes before the W) High School and Northwest Missouri State University. 

According to Mr. Tye, "I became a teacher so I could that I could pass on my passion for the sciences, also, science is going to be tremendously important to them."

His Favorite Hobbies: Roller coasters, Baseball, flying radio controlled airplanes, & paintball.

His Favorite Sports Teams:  Cubs and White Sox       

His Favorite Bands: Shooting star and Van Halen

His Favorite Movies:  Wizard of Oz and Platoon     

His Favorite Book:  Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy

His Favorite Food:  Steak (medium rare)

His Favorite Colors:  Royal Blue and Red

Something cool about Mr. Tye:  "I'm going to start getting my private pilots license and I have been sky diving 2 times."