Welcome to AAHS: Mrs. Fogerty

This year we asked each new staff member to share a little of their personal history with us. We asked them where they grew-up, went to high school and college, why they became teachers, and a few questions to provide a little insight on them outside of just teaching.

Mrs. Fogerty will be teaching AAHS Life Skills for the KWSED Co-op. 

Mrs. Fogerty was born in Galesburg, IL and raised in Knoxville, IL. She graduated from Knoxville High School and Illinois State University.

According to Mrs Fogerty, "I became a special education teacher because I enjoy doing something different every single day. I love this population and getting to build a relationship with all all of my students. I like the challenge of trying to complete the same goal while meeting my students needs individually. Teaching special ed life skills is awesome because you get to be out in the community and doing activities within your school that make a difference." 

Her Favorite Hobby:  "walking around Target and Hobby Lobby while drinking a Dunkin Donuts coffee. Is that a hobby?"
Her Favorite Sports: Go Cubs go! 
Her Favorite Movie or Book: "I don't think I have a favorite movie or book, but my favorite TV shows are Friends and This is Us." 
Her Favorite Food: Anything chocolate. 
Her Favorite Color: Gray
Something interesting about Mrs. Fogerty: She has the best dog EVER. His name his Lando and he is an 8 month yellow lab.