A Community-Based Foundation Established For The Purposes Of:

Supporting the Abingdon-Avon Public Schools and all students who reside in District #276 by soliciting, receiving, and disbursing funds to enhance educational, extra-curricular, and inter-scholastic programs.

The Abingdon-Avon Public Schools Foundation was incorporated as a general not for profit corporation in Illinois in April, 1992

Due to the declining tax base and cuts in state aid for education, the Foundation was formed to provide past students, members of the community, and friends of District #276 with the ability to directly ensure the livelihood and quality level of education provided by the Abingdon-Avon Public Schools.

The Foundation has received tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, and all gifts to the Abingdon-Avon Public Schools Foundation are tax deductible.

The object of the Foundation is to receive funds, in which funds or the earnings there on will be used to supplement education, extracurricular, and inter-scholastic programs operated by the board of Education of Abingdon-Avon Community School District #276, and to strengthen the relationship between the public schools and the Abingdon and Avon Communities.

Funds or properties received by the Foundation may be of two types:

(1) Restricted funds, Which the donor may specify to such uses as scholarships, endowment of academic chairs, purchase of buildings and equipment, and support of specific educational and extracurricular activities.

(2) Unrestricted funds, Which may be used for the support of extracurricular activities authorized by the Board of Education, as well as support materials for educational purposes.

However, no properties acquired may be used in whole or in part for programs which the board of education is mandated to provide, except for "extracurricular" activities.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board – Amy Struhs

  • President – Dave Crose 

  • Vice President – George Landon 

  • Secretary – Tracy Engstrom

  • Treasurer – Lannette Jennings 

  • Director - Jaclyn Sheckler

  • Director - David Ray 

  • Director - Andy Engstrom

  • Director - Diane Andrews


Contributions to the Abingdon-Avon Public Schools Foundation may be made directly by cash, or check, or you may want to consider designating in the foundation as a beneficiary under your will or life insurance. In kind gifts such as stocks, bonds or other real estate will also be accepted.

A Partial list of Grants Awarded by the Abingdon-Avon Public Schools Foundation
Two new computer labs at the High School
Upgraded computer labs at Abingdon Grade School/Middle School/High School
Creation of Middle School playground
Hedding Grade School summer reading program
Pottery Wheel for High School Art Dept
Improvements to the FFA greenhouse project
Updating baseball field
New sound system at the High School auditorium
Microscopes at the Middle School
New Band Uniforms
Fax machine for each building
Wood and Metal Lathes in the High School Industrial Arts Dept
Computerized sewing machine at the High School
Sponsored the High School play
Purchased Scientific Calculators
Assisted with Middle School in-service training
Kiln for grade school art class
GPS receivers for High School Science and Ag Depts
Video equipment for High School
Software for grade school computer lab
Yamaha Keyboards for Middle School Music Dept
Annually award at least 4 college scholarships
Awarded well over 100 teacher grants
Lincoln impersonator at Middle School Civil War Days for over 15 years
Commando Club After School Program
Accelerated Reader Program at Grade School
Mexican Folk Lore Dancers & Band
5th Grade Accelerated Reading Program
Trip to Peoria Hult Center for 6th Graders
Desktop Publishing Concepts I & II (Mac Computer)
Civil War Days
Sound system and portable screen
Young Author’s Contest Awards
Pow Wow- Native American Presentation
Sight Word Readers
Live365 Audio Streaming Subscription
Visiting Artist (Etch-A-Sketch)
Greenhouse Updates
Asian Art Festival
Headphones for Interactive Reading Series
Teleprompters for the Zimmer Technology Center
E-Magazine Subscription
Elementary School Playground Equipment
TV monitor for JH/HS cafeteria
Prairieland Art Show
Sight Word & Phonics materials
Alphabet and Number Practice materials
Audio Equipment
Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators
Alphabet, Number Practice, Sight word, and Phonics materials
Rachel's Challenge
Robotics Team
Texas Instruments Software
Kindergarten Manipulatives
Spring Musical
Art Extravaganza
Accelerated Reader Tests
2nd grade Math Manipulatives
PALS Program at Grade School
Flexible Seating
PreK Utility Sheds
Story Works Magazines
Smart Music
Veteran's Day Concert
Scholastic News Magazine Subscriptions
Board Games
American Government DVD's & Books
Prodigy Software
Variety of Play Items for Kindergarten Classrooms
Baritone Sax & Ukuleles
Art Supplies
Dry Erase Markers
Ear Buds
I Pad Pro & Apple Pen
STEM Items & Supplies
Texas Instruments Calculators
Equipment/Toys for PreK
Buzzer System
2 Osma Genius Kits for I Pad's & Coding Games
Gravity Mazes & Code & Go Robot Mouse
Musical Supplies
Scholastic Health
Lake Shore Play Sets
New TV for Library
Weighted Blankets
Books for Student Reading Night
Dry Erase Tablets
Magnetic Letters
Projector for the Auditorium
Active Seats