D276 Employees of the Month

D276 October Staff Members of the Month

This year, in conjunction with local businesses, we have started a long overdue Employee Recognition Program. Staff members from each of our educational unions are nominated by their colleagues. We appreciate the eagerness of our local businesses to partner with D276 to recognize and reward our amazing staff. 

On behalf of the Board of Education and our October Sponsor of the Month, Tompkins State Bank, I am pleased to share that our October Staff Members of the Month are Tracy Kitch and Charity Pieper.

Pictured: Charity, Tracy, and Representatives from Tompkins State Bank.

Charity supports the students and staff on our Avon Campus in her role as a paraprofessional. She is also a member of the D276 District Improvement Team.

Pictured: Charity, Mrs. Anderson (Avon Campus Principal), and Representatives from Tompkins State Bank.

Charity received several nominations, including this one: Charity is a blessing in the classroom. She knows exactly what each student in the room needs and is willing to help everyone. Charity takes detailed notes to help the students when they are in resource and keeps track of what is due and when. She never complains when a schedule change is requested of her. She takes the changes in stride and exemplifies flexibility. We are lucky to have a classroom aide like her! 

Tracy teaches Middle School English Language at AAMS. She is also as a member of the D276 District Improvement Team. 

Pictured: Mrs. Anderson (Avon Campus Principal), Mrs. Kitch, and Representatives from Tompkins State Bank.

Tracy also received numerous nominations, including this one: Tracy is one of those teachers that genuinely cares about the whole student. She is always going above and beyond in her interactive lessons, utilizing Kagan learning in her classrooms to join students together in learning the content being taught in a fun, interactive way. She works hard to develop relationships with her students and is so understanding and caring of student circumstances and situations that may impact the student (again, whole student care). She truly tries to reach the whole student, not just someone who teaches the content and moves on. Her patience is something to be imitated if at all possible. 

"Thank you" to the entire Tompkins State Bank Team for supporting the D276 Staff Member of the Month Program.

An additional "thank you" to our AAEA and AATA Unions for the beautiful roses. Also, the Scoop Ice Cream Shop and American Fidelity for helping fill each Goody Bag with Gift Cards and more.

Photo Credits: Carey Dunn, Technology Teacher at AAHS.