Dear Abingdon-Avon School District Community,

We are about to enter a time frame that we are not accustomed to until May - No school for students for an extended period of time. The current shutdown is scheduled to last two weeks. CDC experts and other nations have expressed that 6-8 weeks is a more effective measure. Until the State provides us further guidance, we are scheduled to return on March 31st.

We are scheduled to have school on Monday. We will have an early dismissal of 11:30am. Our goal is to check-in with our students, show them we care, provide them work (if applicable) to continue their learning during the shutdown, provide our students with two meals, and send home hard copies of shutdown services available to all students. If you feel that you want to start social distancing practices ahead of Tuesday, your child’s absence will be excused. Please call your school office if you intend to keep your child at home. You can also schedule a pick-up of classroom enrichment items, or other student-necessary items by calling your school office.  

Unfortunately, the shutdown does affect numerous non-academic activities as well. All Spring Sports are suspended. Numerous contests, family night events, grandparents’ day events, and other activities that schools all over the State consider tradition have been caught up in this shutdown. Additionally, all non-school affiliated groups that use our facilities are now without a place to gather.

In closing, please take time to read about the COVID-19 Pandemic on multiple news sources. Download the A-Town App to stay up-to-date on school related information.

We will do our best to provide necessary service to our students during this shut down.

Shutdown services can be found below.


Dr. Curry




Abingdon-Avon CUSD #276

507 N. Monroe St. Ste. #3 - Abingdon, IL 61410



Please READ the most current plans for Meal Distribution, Medication Retrieval, and Emergency situations or homelessness during the Mandated Shutdown.


The Abingdon-Avon School District will provide breakfast and lunch opportunities to all students who place orders in advance.  Please Call 309-462-2301 beginning Monday, March 16 to sign-up for the meal services.

These meals will be served free for all Students for this current two week shutdown.

Meals can be picked-up daily from 12-2 at Abingdon-Avon High School and Avon Elementary School. These will be served drive-up/walk-up style.

If access to transportation is a concern or obstacle to access to meals, please include this concern when calling 309-462-2301.

Each meal will include a current day’s lunch (including a milk) and the next day’s breakfast (including a milk). If refrigeration is an issue, water will be available in place of a milk.

Meals will start on Tuesday March 17, 2020

We are committed to assist students and families in receiving healthy meals each day.


If your student has medication(s) in their school offices:

-Monday, March 16, 2020: Please call the school office to coordinate pick-up.

-After Monday, March 16, 2020: Please call/email your building principal to schedule a pick-up. 

-No medications will be released without prior consent.


If a student encounters an emergency situation or situation of homelessness, Please contact the District Office at 309-462-2301 or Local Law Enforcement. Once notification is received, district personnel will enact a plan to assist students in such situations.