Dear Abingdon-Avon School Community,

As of the end of the day today (Thursday 3.19.20), the district will be operating on a very limited number of on-site employees. The superintendent and maintenance director will be in-district during the workweek. Building level administrators will be in-district on an alternating basis. All non-essential staff have been sent home for the rest of the current two-week shut down. If the shutdown is extended (and we expect it will be), specific employees will be called back on an as-needed-basis for essential services, ie: payroll, bills, unanticipated repairs etc. The superintendent's office will be "open" to the public at random times, due to the fact that Dr. Curry will out of the office visiting buildings and working with the Food Distribution Team each day. Without a receptionist, the office cannot be open. Dr. Curry is carrying a cell that is receiving all forwarded office number calls.  Additionally, each building administrator has a cell for forwarded calls from their respective building phones.  The best way to reach an administrator for a non-emergency question is via email. You may email administrators individually or you may send questions to D276 @atown276.net  

Thank you for your cooperation during these new and uncharted times, 

Dr. Curry