In-Person Schooling Suspended for the Rest of 2019-2020 School Year

In an unprecedented time, the governor has made a decision, based on public safety, that officially ends in-person schooling. 

As you may have already heard, the Governor, in a public safety decision, just announced the end to in-person schooling for this school year.  This is a sad day for our teachers and students. We all entered this profession to teach kids, in-person. Students often bond with their teachers and classmates each year and the end of the year provides an opportunity to say "goodbye" until next year. Students will not get this opportunity.  Our staff will miss this opportunity to tell their students "goodbye" in-person as well. This is also a sad day for our Class of 2020 - their Senior year ends in a stay-at-home order that does not allow them so many of the last year opportunities and events that come with being a senior. 

We are required, and committed, to continue to provide remote learning opportunities for students. While these have not always been perfect, they have been something that our staff was tasked to create at a moment's notice. I am proud of the great things that so many of our staff members have been able to accomplish over the last month and their continued refinement of their process. 

This is a very strange time in the world.  We will all get through this and come out on the other side stronger and more prepared for anything that resembles this in the future. 

Over the next days and weeks we will push out plans on anything school-related. If you do not have the District 276 smartphone app, I would highly recommend installing it on your smartphone and enabling notifications. 

Senior parents and students look for another Class of 2020 email in the very near future.

While this announcement is made in the best interest of public health and safety, it is still very hard to deliver. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 
Remember - Remote Learning and Social Distancing only work for those who participate.

If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to send them to or directly to me. No comments left on Facebook will be replied to - please use the above the email address. 

Respectfully in this surreal moment,

Dr. Mike Curry, Superintendent and Class of 2020 Parent

Mike Curry, Ed.D.Superintendent
Abingdon-Avon CUSD #276