Return-to-School Update:

This evening, July 23rd, the Abingdon-Avon School Board discussed options regarding the start of school. The Board has directed the Superintendent to put together a detailed plan that implements a blended learning model. This model will include the safety measure of social distancing and mandatory masks. The blended learning model will incorporate both in-person and remote instruction. Students will be divided into groups that allow for social distancing. Each group will attend school 2 days per week and receive remote learning opportunities on 3 days.  Groups will be created with family dynamics at the core. Students who choose to opt-in to a full remote option will be allowed to do so.  The school day will be shortened in order to provide in-person instruction and remote instruction within the scope of a normal workday. 

The Board weighed the needs and safety of our students and staff in making this difficult decision. Additionally, the Board acknowledged the difficulties that will arise with any decision.  The superintendent will work with both the AATA and AAEA to ensure all aspects of the plan fall within the current contract language, or resolved via memorandums of understanding, and are safe for all staff and students. 

The Board noted that this is the first step and that plans may evolve or change. These changes may occur from within or may come from State or National mandates.  A final draft of details will be shared with the Board on August 3, 2020. Lastly, the Board has elected to move the start day for school from August 17th to Monday August 24, 2020. 

More information, including a survey and information regarding online registration will be sent out next week. 


Dr. Curry