Student Remote 2.0 Starts on Monday

As we enter into the new school year in a remote setting, I wanted to restate that this year will look different than last spring. A few major differences that are planned for Remote 2.0 include: Preparation, accountability, flexibility, and the ability to bring a manageable number of students in to the buildings on an as necessary basis. 

Emergency Remote Learning was just that - an emergency that no one planned for. Our teachers, our students, our State Education leaders, our parents - no one. In the interim, our district has spent considerable time providing relevant professional development, technology, and social emotional learning opportunities for staff. 

In the Spring, the students were not assessed as they normally would be in an in-person setting. This was a mandate from the State, and an understandable mandate because no one was ready for Emergency Remote Learning. In Remote 2.0, students will be assessed and grades will be earned. 

In Emergency Remote Learning parents were tasked with more "teaching" than they were comfortable with. In Remote 2.0, we intend to move to a flipped classroom model where lessons are provided via recorded videos and the instruction will be carried out through the day via leading the instruction in small groups and virtual feedback loops. Additionally, we intend to have tutor hotlines for parents or students to reach out to for evening assistance. 

Finally, in Emergency Remote Learning, the doors were locked and buildings were closed to staff and students State-wide. In Remote 2.0, there will be opportunities for our special needs students, Title I students, students who show signs of struggling, or other categories for students to meet with their teachers or other certified staff members in a small manageable setting for more intensive and focused instruction. Transportation can be provided throughout the day. 

Remote 2.0 will not be perfect, nor would Blended have been. Stories from all over the country show that bringing all students back without social distancing is also not working. I can assure you that we are going to try our best to provide a better learning environment  and do more than was possible in the Spring.