At this time, we received notification of a verified a COVID positive case at Abingdon-Avon High School. AAHS will transition to remote learning for Wednesday, October 28th in order to allow for further contact tracing and sanitizing of the building. As of now, AAHS teachers, students, and staff will be back in-person on Thursday, October 29th. I will send an update if contact tracing changes our return date. Please prepare for a switch to remote learning at AAHS tomorrow

For In-person learners, tomorrow’s remote learning will mirror the in-person schedule.

All High School classrooms will be closed on Wednesday.

Just to clarify: HGS/AES/AAMS will all be in-person tomorrow.
**AAMS transportation will be provided as normal and the gym will be used as normal for Middle School students needing transportation.

Dr. Curry