In the latest example of why 2020 just needs to go away,  Hedding Grade School experienced a significant water leak event Friday afternoon. The leak inundated the basement with nearly 6 feet of water. The water submerged all four boilers for up to 13 hours.  These boilers will need significant repair or replacement.  The ability to heat the building is not possible. Additionally, new water piping parts are not due in until Wednesday.  Erratic access to water in  the interim is also a concern.  While crews have been on site since 6:30 PM Friday night, the equipment now must dry and the parts must be ordered.  Stars would have to align to be ready to reopen by Thursday - and this is 2020!   Due to this event, Hedding Grade School will be in Remote Learning this Monday - Thursday. There is no school on Friday.  

Here is an image a few hours after water removal started:

Yes - that is a washing machine completely submerged......

I would like to thank KGS heating and plumbing and Winger Mechanical for their quick response and staying on-site with us until the water was completely pumped out at 2:00 AM this Morning.  Both of these companies were back on site today to inspect and plan for the coming days.  

Reminder: AAHS will also be in remote Monday and Tuesday due to staffing shortages.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Dr. Curry