District Office Art Gallery

In March of 2020, The district office began serving as an art gallery for D276 student artwork. The intention was to rotate the artwork twice a year. Just prior to the initial art gallery “opening,” COVID shut the schools down. Due to COVID, the same great student artwork was on display in the district office from March of 2020 until June of 2021. In June, the families and artists of the works displayed at the office were invited to participate in a gallery “closing.” It was amazing to spend a few minutes with each artist and their very proud parents. The event was catered by AAMS 9th Grader Annabelle Mannon. She provided home baked cookies in the shape of paint palettes. Special "thanks" to Allyson Curry for joining us and serving as the official photographer over two evenings. Additional "thanks" to Dawn Ginther for scheduling each of the evenings.  As we celebrate these young artists, we are preparing for another (more normal) gallery opening with new artists and new amazing artwork in September. 

Angelina Acosta (with Mathew and Angelica) Graphite on paper with copied paper

Cami Powell (with Amanda) Crayon on Paper

Emma Poland (with Shannon and Andrew)  - Ceramics

Cookies baked and decorated by Annabelle Mannon

Ella Bowen (with Judy) - Pastel Drawing

Gabriela “Gabe” Bryan (with Kristan and Jim) - Design in Copied Paper 

Ava Ginther (with Josh) Painting on paper

Eila Sahyouni (with Jayla and Elias) - Painting

Paxton Fields (with Brittany, Aaron, and Walker)

Additional artwork displayed at the District Office included: