New High School Principal in 2018-2019

New AAHS Principal in 2018-2019: Mr. Brad Weedman

As Mr. Gordon heads off into the world of the superintendency, his successor as High School Principal has been chosen. Mr. Weedman has been a social studies teacher and coach in the Avon and AA276 districts. He is a perfect example of a career changer.  After many years in the private sector, Mr. Weedman went back to Western Illinois University to pursue a degree in History Education. He was hired in Avon (by our own Mrs. Stier) and came to AAHS when D276 was formed. After a few years in the classroom, Mr. Weedman began his administrative coursework. He has been a mentor to our younger staff, coached our HS girls basketball team, built positive relationships with his students, and been an outstanding employee during his tenure in the classroom. He is “extremely excited” to begin this next phase of his educational career in our district. He has stated that he has had a “great mentor” over the past five years.” We are excited to have him step into the extremely important role of High School Principal.  Congratulations Mr. Weedman.