Miss. Wiseman

This year we asked each new staff member to share a little of their personal history with us. We asked them where they grew-up, went to high school and college, why they became teachers, and a few questions to provide a little insight on them outside of just teaching.

Miss. Wiseman will be teaching Kindergarten at Hedding this school year. 

Miss. Wiseman was born and raised in the small town of Athens, IL.

She graduated from Athens High School and Eastern Illinois University. Yes, this is the same info found in Miss. Roemer's bio. Miss. Wiseman and Miss. Roemer  went to the same high school and college together and have been friends for a long time. 

Miss. Wiseman became a teacher so that every student she will ever have in class will know that they will have one more person in their life that will always be there to support their dreams!

-Favorite hobby: Working on puzzles

-Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs

-Favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast

-Favorite foods: Steak and potatoes

-Favorite color: Purple

Something cool about Miss. Wiseman is that she has been to an NBA finals game before. According to Miss. Wiseman the NBA Finals are  "Very exciting to see in person!"

Please make sure to welcome Miss. Wiseman to our district.