Dr. Curry

Superintendent’s Message for the 2018-2019 School Year

Full disclosure: I am super excited to see what the next ten months will bring. For me, there is no better season than “School Season.” It has been a pleasure to lead the Abingdon-Avon School District for the past 14 months. Among the numerous changes that have occurred in the past 14 months, the district has seen growth academically, updated numerous facilities, and increased our social media presence. None of these improvements occur without a hard working teaching corps, dedicated support personnel, a flexible and talented summer maintenance and custodial staff, and a forward-thinking administrative team.

Over the summer, Hedding Grade School received a refresh, consisting of a complete pant makeover and the installation of a new safety window in the front entrance. School safety is major concern for the board, staff, and administration. Over the next couple of summers, we will be continuing to find ways to make our schools as safe as possible. In another effort to improve aging classrooms, the 6th grade wing on the Avon Campus has been overhauled into progressive classrooms, in line with many of our remodeled classrooms.

In an effort to do what is best for kids, the District Office moved out of Hedding Grade School (all in one week). This move allowed for the division of an overcrowded classroom into two separate classes. A private space was created for students, counselors, and social workers to visit and address the increasing social emotional and mental health issue that young students come to school with every day. Additionally, the library was moved in order to keep all of our K-2 classrooms as close to each other as possible. The inclusion of five Knox Warren Special Education Cooperative Center-based classrooms across the district, while an awesome benefit for our students, left nowhere in the district to relocate the Central Office. The office is now offsite in a public setting. We can be found at 507 N. Monroe St. Suite #3.

Additionally, in order to continue to work towards providing the best education we can for our students, the district hired two instructional coaches to support our staff as we focus on writing and math on a deeper level. To allow for deeper thinking and creativity, the district has jumped into the Makerspace concept with both feet. At the end of last year, we purchased enough technological and hands-on creative resources to fully support a Makerspace at Hedding Grade School, Avon Elementary School, and AAMS.

At the end of the day, this is a fantastic district with great people trying hard to serve our students and staff the best way they can. I look forward to continuing along this path of improvement through focused instruction, relationship-building, and academic and social supports for our students.

Have a GREAT 2018-2019 School Year,

Dr. Mike Curry