Mrs. Diana Barnes

This year we asked each new staff member to share a little of their personal history with us. We asked them where they grew-up, went to high school and college, why they became teachers, and a few questions to provide a little insight on them outside of just teaching.

Mrs. Barnes will be teaching 1st Grade at Avon Elementary School this year. She is coming to our district from the Galesburg School District.  Below is her backstory: 

She was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from Bolsa Grande High School in California.  

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education from Western Illinois University. 

-According to Mrs. Barnes, she became a teacher because "I wanted to make an impact on a child’s education journey.  My goal is to help spark an interest with learning something new."

-Favorite pastime: Spending time with her family and traveling.  

-Favorite sports team: The Chicago Cubs 

-Favorite Movies: She enjoys watching any movies starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. 

-Favorite Food: Mexican food (at her favorite restaurant - Jalisco in Galesburg).  

-Favorite color: Blue.  

-Something Interesting: "We became a St. Jude family in 2014 when my son was diagnosed with lymphoma.  We now enjoy giving back to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria by delivering gift bags to the patients."

Please be sure to make Mrs. Barnes feel welcome in our district.