A-Town Middle School CUSD #276 Supply List for 2020--2021

General Supplies (to be used in all classes)

3-4 pkgs of #2 pencils (must bring a pencil EVERYDAY to class)

1 pkg blue or black Ink pens

Notebook paper (in notebooks or loose leaf)

1 notebook for Science class

3 yellow highlighters

5 2-pocket folders (one for each core class)

1 Lock (any type) for School Locker

1 Set of Headphones (no bluetooth)

1 pkg Dry Erase Markers

2 containers of Clorox (or off brand) wipes or a roll of paper towels

2 boxes of kleenex (to give to the office or a teacher)

1 bottle hand sanitizer (to give to office or a teacher)


1 Sketchpad

1 Pkg of 24 colored pencils

10 regular #2 lead pencils mechanical pencils are fine, but have plenty just for art

1 Pink eraser

1 bottle glue

1 glue stick

8pk sharpies/ permanent markers.

1 bag/box to hold supplies and leave in the art room for the time your child has art

Watercolor cake palette and brush (optional, but i’m guessing there’s at least one laying around the house!)

6th Grade Social Studies

1 - 2 pocket folder

1 - 1” 3 ring binder (solid color)

1 - composition notebook

4 diff color highlighters

Colored pencils in a pencil bag! (& handheld sharpener)

Scissors & 3Lg glue sticks

Physical Education

Lock (number lock or key lock only, no word locks)

Exercise Clothes (these will go home every Friday to get washed)


Gym shoes